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Special Sessions

I am offering a special session but I will let those that are interested bid for the opportunity. First, I have to say up front I am extremely picky about who I offer this to, I can't help that and won't apologize. So you will want to make sure I know what you look like before you try to bid.

This session is for 24 hours. The bidding will start at 1500 plus travel and room.
The session can be any of the following... posing, muscle worship, massage, oiling, wrestling (nothing extreme), scissoring, head lock, face sitting, full nude girlfriend experience. I can do some lift and carry but I don't lift people over my head. If there's something I haven't listed, ask. Of course I need to be able to rest and time does include sleep. But you and I will spend that entire time together.

Here is how bidding works. You message me with your bid. Those that come in through my OnlyFans are given priority. Whenever there is a new highest bid I will announce it to everyone and you have 24 hours to bid higher. As soon as there is a new highest bid I will announce it. Once there is no new bid for 24 hours whoever is currently at the highest bid wins. You will then have 12 hours to make a 25% non refundable deposit that goes toward the total for the session and then we schedule our time together. If you do not make the deposit, you are no longer allowed to even bid. Now or in the future. Bidding will then return to where it was at the last bid before the final one.

For scheduling, I can tell you the rest of this year is booked solid. Then I am having my breast implants redone Dec 20 so I will need to rest a few weeks. I am booking into mid January at the earliest. 

If you win and do not pay or follow through, you will be banned from any of my platforms for life. I will be 100% honest with you, do NOT waste my time. Good luck everyone!!

Bidding starts now!!! If anyone accepts the first bid of $1500 (plus expenses) I will announce it.

Current Bid: 1850
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Bidding has ended. 
Last session was: $1850

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